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Performing at The Royal Albert Hall - May 1974

It's 2020! And this year the Portsmouth Sinfonia celebrates its 50th anniversary!

And we are determined to celebrate in style.

We will be making a determined effort to develop our website. We also intend to make a splash in Social Media.

Negotiations are taking place to finally bring the Sinfonia audio catalogue back to the public.

And there are other exciting ideas being explored.

Very Exciting News!

As the first part of our celebrations we're very proud to announce that the orchestra is the subject of a brand-new book. Just published!

The World's Worst: A Guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia

Read this rave review in the Washington Post!


It is an in-depth, 232-page definitive history and guide to the Portsmouth Sinfonia!

Though there have been vast amounts written about us before - in newspapers, magazines and books - this is the first time that we have been the subject of an entire book. So we're very excited.

It is a book that examines the Sinfonia through every imaginable prism. The music, the fun, the wild stories - and the underlying socio-cultural currents that led to the creation, nurturing and success of the orchestra.

The book is edited by two highly-respected American academics in the sphere of experimental music - Christopher M. Reeves and Aaron Walker.

It contains extensive recollections of key members, a large treasure trove of previously unseen photographs and rare memorabilia.

The book is published by Soberscove Press in the USA, Canada in the UK in June 2020 - coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Sinfonia's birth in 1970! The book should also become available in other nations.

The book will be available in select bookshops. And it will be available through online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.




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We are currently trying to regain contact with former members of the Sinfonia. If you played with the orchestra at any time - we want to hear from you!

Members of the media may contact the manager of The Portsmouth Sinfonia via e-mail.

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