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The plan for this section of the website is that eventually it will present a good cross-section of the vast worldwide media coverage there has been of the Sinfonia since its inception in 1970.

We are starting off with just a handful of print articles and radio shows.

From the print world we have some historic coverage from the 1970s including wonderful pieces in Rolling Stone. And a notorious attack on the Sinfonia in the UK quality newspaper the Guardian - for which they were forced to apologize! (Our presentation presents both the original article and an annotated version explaining the calumny and the apology!)

We also have a few articles and columns written in recent years - including feature stories that appeared in British newspapers in 2004 - on the 30th anniversary of the Sinfonia's legendary 1974 concert at London's Royal Albert Hall.

And to please the ears there are opportunities to savor some BBC radio exposure about the Sinfonia from recent years.

Including the first-ever radio documentary about the orchestra. An appetizer for the long-anticipated film documentary that is in preparation!

There is much, much more to come!

Rolling Stone - January 1975 - Comedy Album of the Year

Rolling Stone - March 1975 - Feature Article

Rolling Stone - 1974 - Album Review

BBC Radio 2 - The Portsmouth Sinfonia Lives On! - August 2011 (5 minutes)
Segment on Chris Evans Show - an interview with Sinfonia manager Martin Lewis

BBC Radio 3 - The World's Best Worst Record! - December 2017 (6 minutes)
An appreciation of the Portsmouth Sinfonia's "Classical Muddly" single by top classical music critic Tom Service

BBC Radio 4 - Unforgettable! (Documentary) - August 2011 (30 minutes)
In-depth audio documentary about the Portsmouth Sinfonia

The Sunday Times - May 2004
(The UK's leading quality Sunday newspaper)

The Telegraph - May 2004

The Portsmouth News - May 2004
(the premier daily newspaper in the city where the Sinfonia was born in 1970)

Keyboard Magazine - July 1981 - Feature Article
Brian Eno speaks about the Portsmouth Sinfonia

BBC Radio 3 - 2004 - Late Junction
Gavin Bryars speaks about the Portsmouth Sinfonia

BBC Radio 4 - 2008 - Desert Island Discs
Brian Eno - producer of the Portsmouth Sinfonia - is the featured castaway on Desert Island Discs

The Guardian - May 1974 - The Malady Lingers On
The notorious full-page article attacking the Portsmouth Sinfonia - that resulted in a full apology

The Malady Exposed! - 1974 (With some 2020 hindsight!)
The story behind the Guardian article attacking the Portsmouth Sinfonia - AND that full apology!

Q Magazine - February 2015 - Clive Langer reflects on the Sinfonia
Clive Langer - producer for Elvis Costello, Madness, Teardrop Explodes was a Sinfonia member

The Spectator - June 2014 - Will Self on the Portsmouth Sinfonia

The New Statesman - July 2015 - Happy Birthday Richard Strauss!

Cincinnati City Beat - July 2015 - Sinfonia & the state of Fluxus

The "You Are Here!" Blog - Jan 2017 - The Sinfonia goes viral

Atlas Obscura - November 2017 - The Worst Orchestra in the World

Classical Muddly - July 2014 - An Investigation into the Portsmouth Sinfonia

Maestro Farley! Blog - Jan 2017 - Gavin Bryars explains John Farley!

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